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Special Features


A well managed and well –equipped library is the foundation of modern educational structure. It is the intellectual center of any educational institution .It provides a quiet place, which encourage study and reading. Library is much than a storehouse of books and distributing center of books because library provides stimulating, inspiring and comfortable atmosphere for studies. It is very necessary to have a good library so as to bring qualitative change in teaching –learning process. The Blooms' College of Education has done a marvelous works in order to make a good library. In our college the library is quite ventilated and airy, surrounded by greenery, it measures 1083.25 square feet. It is fully computerized with decoding system.

Facility is made for newspaper reading Magazine display board. Catalogue cabin holds computerized cards. There are Seventeen steel and wooden cupboard with glass fixture with holding capacity of approximately 300 books, at present there are total 4860 books in the library. The reading material of the library is divided in to three sections that are Periodical section, Reference sections and General section. The whole section is full of qualitative reading material. In periodical section there are subscriptions of twenty two educational journals and six different types of Magazine and in reference section, the books categorized as under: -








General/Educational Encyclopedias






Year books






Competition Books



General Reference Books






Educational Survey



Educational Reference


There is accommodation for 60 students to study in the library. Seating arrangements is made for librarian and Assistant librarian along with a computer.



Educational Technology, as one of the foundation subject under teacher training (B.ED.) to equip the student teacher with its various technological application available to him/her for improving instructional practices. Keeping this in view, BLOOMS'College Of Education has established a separate lab for E.T. in order to provide practical experiences to utilize all major and minor hardware and software in teaching and learning processes so as to make teaching and learning more effective and to use the same in future in the schools. Some of them (HARDWARE) are as follows:

  1. OHP, Slide Projector with Projection Screen, V.C.R., Microphone,
  2. Video camera. Video Cassettes.
  3. SOFTWARE: A no. Of CDs and CD-ROMS, Linear Programmes, trancperiences.


Days are gone when the development of 3R's was emphasized i.e Reading , Writing and Recitation. It is the modern era, the age of experimentation and the age of lively teaching. Our college provides a very good facility of Life-Sciences laboratory to the teacher-Trainees, so as to develop experimentation, observation, construction, skills as well as to develop the other basic skill required to equip them with experiences of learning by doing.It is necessary to have a good laboratory so as to bring qualitative changes in teaching- learning process. In this direction,Blooms' college of Education provides following basic requirements to its students in biology laboratory.
  • A teacher demonstrations table
  • Microscope for anatomy & micro-organismic study
  • Preserved specimens for live experiences
  • 15 students capacity at a time
  • Dummy model (e.g. Human eye, Ear, TMV)
  • Drainage & water facility
  • Students own model & charts


In modern era, English has acquired an international dimension.In India too,English language is growing very rapidly.So it become essential to enable the Student Teacher to develop linguistic skills so that they can prepare our future generation to acquaint proficiency in this foreign language.Keeping this in view BLOOMS' College Of Educatoin has established a well equipped language lab to create a perfect environment so that Student-Teachers can get the real feel of the language in its various manifestations.Here the problem of pronunciation is solved with the help of following hardware and software:OHP,Tape –Recorder, Computers, Headphones, Microphone.


Social studies laboratory is an integral part of social studies programme and it helps in making it as living and vital discipline. Social studies lab provides suitable opportunities to the students to use facts in a creative and productive way to arrive at their on independent conclusions and enables them to grow in enriched knowledg, abilities, skills and interest. In other words, social studies create and maintain an effective teaching learning environment and provide a quick and ready functional environment by making available workroom for the students. It also introduces variety in teaching method and facilitating the use of teaching aids readily and conveniently. In last, social studies save energy and time in carrying round equipments like charts, maps, modles and pictures. There are many equipments uses in our social studies lab like as charts, graphs, flag, globes maps, modles, rockstones, agricultural products-Rice, wheat, tea etc.chalk board furniture, scrap books and other helping aids like pencil, drawing set, brush, knife, axe, screwdriver etc.


It is a common maxim that 'A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.' It is not just for quotations but must be practiced in actual. Education should not stick to cognitive domain but must cater to psychomotor as well affective domain also. For this purpose BLOOMS' College of education is providing a huge scope for the physical development of the students, by providing sports facility. We have exclusive facilities in outdoor as well indoor games. It is the only college in H.P.(B.Ed) which provides the facility of Billiards in indoor section. Students have the following option in outdoor as well as indoor games.

  1. Outdoor Games : Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball.
  2. Indoor Games : Billiards, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Lido , Tam bola, Badminton.


Residence life is an important aspect of the educational experience, which the college offers to its students. Residence life contributes to the student's personal and social growth and provides a meaningful introduction to the education. The col1ege provides hostel facility for girls accommodating more than 30 girls within the college campus. The hostel provides facilities such as Mess, Dinning room, T.v. room, Common room with well furnished rooms and Indoor games. Hostel is compulsory for those who reside beyond 20 K.M. away from the college campus.