Latest News
  • Final Examinations are starting from the month of April

  • Addmission starting for the next session from the month of August.

For Admission Enquiry +91-9816037313 info@bloomseducation.com

The logo of Blooms' Education Society depicts:

  • Blooming Bud/Flame: Blooming Bud at the center symbolizes the future of the student. The Flame denotes the celestial light.

  • Twinkling Star: The Twinkling Star indicates its own individual character (innate capacity of the student)

  • The Feather of Dove: The Feather of the Dove stands for peace.

  • The Book: The Book indicates knowledge.

  • "Fruit of Service is Peace": Is the saying of Mother Theresa who her self is the indication of Peace and we would like our future generation to march in this direction