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  • Final Examinations are starting from the month of April

  • Addmission starting for the next session from the month of August.

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Rule & Regulations

(i) The principal shall have full power in all matters relating to the admission, promotion, detention and expulsion of students, the discipline of the classes, the collection and remission of fees. He shall be empowered to take disciplinary action and impose penalties as provided under the University Ordinance/Rules. He/She shall be solely responsible for fixing the study hours, fixing holidays, regulating courses of study, in accordance with the requirements of the instructions of the University.

(ii) The authority of the Principal extends overall the students at all times inside or outside the college. If in his/her opinion a student acts in an adverse manner he/she may be asked to leave the college. If he/she fails to do so within the prescribed time the principal may at his discretion, remove his/her name from the college rolls.

(iii) All students should strictly abide by the notified rules of the college at the time of admission or as amended from time to time. The Defaulters may be warned, fined, expelled and even rusticated from the college according to the nature and gravity of an offence.

(iv) No student shall indulge in ill-behaved activities such as ragging (ragging includes any type of physical or mental torture done directly or indirectly). If any candidate is found culpable, the principal shall have the right to expel the guilty student from the college.

(v) The student shall give in writing an undertaking in this direction at the time of admission.

(vi) Uses of any type of preparation from tobacco, Gutka, Liquor, drugs, are prohibited in the college campus.

(vii) Use of Cell/Mobiles phones in the college campus is strictly banned. Defaulter shall be subjected to oral reprimand and a fine of Rs. 5/- by the class teacher per incident and also asked to leave the classroom. Incidents of repetition shall tantamount to gross misconduct and attract the code of conduct. In case of any kind of emergency the calls may be made to the college phone No. 01905-243030.

(viii) No case will be filled directly in the court against the Institution or Management. Any kind of problem/case should go through the Principal if not settled, it should be presented to the Management through President. If the case is amicably not settled it may be filled in the court within the jurisdiction of Sundernagar, Distt: Mandi (H.P.) only. The Himachal Pradesh Govt. has declared ragging as cognizable offence and can attract, fine, imprisonment or both.